on getting over break ups

on getting over break ups

I have a new zine out! It's about love. It's about falling in love. It's about falling out of love. It's fun and cute and cool.

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make them like you
a zine about falling in and out of love. essays, guides, playlists.

But here's a fun little guide to getting over your ex-boyfriend that ruined your life and relationship with your body as a little zine sneak peak!

1.    Wallow. Listen to the band whose show you met at. Listen to the bands you loved together. Make a playlist of the most devastating songs you can think of the day after you break up. Feel it.

2.    Spend the months prior to breaking up cultivating a personality that made everybody you meet associate you with stuff you may or may not have listened to/watched/gotten into because of your ex-partner. This way, when you break up, you don’t have to lose them. Those are your things now. Do not give an inch. (This is a preventative measure.)

3.    Hang out with someone else going through a break-up. Drink during the day. Bake. Watch movies you both liked as a preteen. Get simultaneously into the Zoe Kravitz TV version of High Fidelity. Yell together about the people that hurt you.

4. Yell alone about the person that hurt you. Do it in your car listening to PUP.

5. Start watching movies your ex would never like. Get your cool, older friends to make you lists of movies to watch. Really try to understand them. Write reviews of those movies for nobody. Figure out how to like new things.

6. Answer your sister’s phone calls.

7. Visit your friends in other cities. Sleep on their couches. Pet their dogs. Talk to their friends. Listen to the way they speak to those friends and their partners. Find comfort in that. Listen to the bad music they like. Find comfort in that, too.

Cry on the way home.

8. Tell small, insignificant lies to your boss about your hobbies. Become someone slightly different for seven hours a day. You could be really into making galettes. They won’t know. How would they know? Maybe you actually should make a galette.

9. Steal one record out of their record collection. Make it the album they showed you that you love most. Make it hurt.

10. Allow your friends to be angry for you. Allow them to be angrier than you are. Find comfort in them threatening to kill that guy. They don’t know how to make you feel better. They just love you. Feel it.

Miranda Reinert is a music adjacent writer, zine maker, and law school drop out based in Philadelphia. Follow me on Twitter to track my emotional downturns through just how often Winter Wheat is my most played album of the week: @mirandareinert. I also have a paid tier of this newsletter for $5 a month or $45 a year! If you do that I'll give you at least one free zine if you respond to this email with a mailing address! Wow! Might want to get in on that! You may also just send me small bits of money at @miranda-reinert on venmo if you want. But as always, thanks for reading!