In my non-digi life, I make zines. If you're interesting in learning how to do that, I once wrote an article about it for Music Journalism Insider!

Since ghost allows for these pages I'm gonna use this space to post pdf copies of most of my zines I've made over the years!

ideal company – a collection of essays based around music and its place within people's lives.

mini music mag 4 – another, more DIY looking contributor driven collection of essays about music.

owl service – a zine focused around photos and stories from my life set in and around music venues throughout chicago.

mini music mag 3 – a more traditional music zine. some reviews, an essay or two, a playlist.

punks against playlisting – a zine focused around music discovery.

mini music mag 2 – just my favorite songs from the first half of 2019

presenting – contributor driven photo zine about clothes, punk, + identity. mailed a bunch of strangers disposable cameras and only one person stole it! my favorite zine i've ever made.

mini music mag 1 – essays, playlists, little doodles. a very cute one.