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Sort of a blog roll. Stuff I read, stuff I think everybody will like.

For: Essays

Our Band Could Be Your Wife by Grace Robins-Somerville

Grace rocks. If you like what I do, you'll like what Grace does. Funny, evocative, smart, personal, great great work! Some of my very favorite music writing has been done by Grace for her newsletter.

grace’s Substack | Grace Robins-Somerville | Substack
My personal Substack. Click to read grace’s Substack, by Grace Robins-Somerville, a Substack publication with hundreds of subscribers.

I Keep A Diary by Jordan Walsh

Jordy is one of my favorite writers. He's so talented and everything he writes is worth your time. If you like essays that push music/personal interplay then you'll like his writing.

Anxiety Shark by Niko Stratis

If you read this blog, you probably read Niko. Her essays are so incisive and personal and tied to music in a way I can only aspire to. Brilliant writer. Not much more to say.

Anxiety Shark | Niko Stratis | Substack
A newsletter, essays about the music and the events that haunt my every thought. Weekly deep dives into old favourites, recommendations for new hits and everything in between. Click to read Anxiety Shark, by Niko Stratis, a Substack publication with thousands of subscribers.

She also writes a column for Paste that's great.

Niko Stratis, Author at Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine is your source for the best music, movies, TV, comedy, videogames, books, comics, craft beer, politics and more. Discover your favorite albums and films.

Cities: Backlines by Devon Chodzin

Devon is smart and incisive and a delight to read. He's my dear friend, but we don't like almost any of the same things so you can still trust my opinion of his writing. His newsletter strays personal and mixes in his experience with city planning while maintaining his critical voice. What a guy.

Cities: Backlines | Devon Chodzin | Substack
I write about music, cities, and things worth thinking about. Cover photo is 22 Degree Halo at PhilaMOCA in August 2022. Cover is a rendering of Neom in Saudi Arabia. Read about it. Weird. Click to read Cities: Backlines, by Devon Chodzin, a Substack publication. Launched 5 months ago.

For: Deep Dives

You Don't Need Maps by Ellie Kovach

If you're looking for deep dives on emo, hardcore, punk and adjacent cultures, Ellie's got it. If they're writing about it, it'll be researched and thorough and it'll make you care about it– even if it's a four-part series on The Cure, or whatever. Free articles can be found on their substack and if you're into that stuff, they also have a Patreon that I would recommend!

You Don’t Need Maps | Substack
emo, hardcore, DIY, skateboarding, and love. Click to read You Don’t Need Maps, a Substack publication with hundreds of subscribers.
You Don’t Need Maps | Patreon
creating high-quality writing about pop culture, DIY music, and

Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr by Hugo Reyes

Hugo's work on chronicling Chicago's emo and DIY history has been so special and fun. Nobody else is doing that work and I'm in awe of his dedication. Chicago greatness.

Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr
A blog for all things Chicago punk and beyond
Hugo Reyes – Medium
Read writing from Hugo Reyes on Medium. Random Writings From Another Music Writer. Every day, Hugo Reyes and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

For: Reviews

Inbox Infinity by Patrick Lyons

Patrick is on a journey to actually listen to the stuff in his inbox. That's beautiful. I couldn't do it, but I've been enjoying him going for it. Most of his posts have a main feature essay discussing something fun (late-period Rolling Stones, SponCon, etc) and then a section of reviews.

Inbox ∞ Infinity
A music writer finally comes to terms with his overflowing gmail inbox.

Hope You Like It by Patrick Haynes and Andy Maroon

Andy and Patrick do a fun format where they give the other an album to listen to. They make little comments on each other's first impression reviews. They're so funny and it's always fun to see their dynamic.

Hope You Like It | Andy | Substack
Two buds send each other music outside of their comfort zone to discuss. Click to read Hope You Like It, a Substack publication. Launched 2 years ago.

Eli Enis

Eli listens to more music than anybody I know and that's no small feat. He goes long on his blog posts and does reviews about the stuff on his end last fm grids. Last fm hive, rise up.

Eli Enis
A collection of music criticism by writer, editor and podcaster Eli Enis.

For: Broader Focus Blogs

I Enjoy Music and The Molly Zone by Molly Mary O'Brien

Molly is a #1 promoter of blog culture. She's incredibly consistent and prolific in a way I am in awe of. I love her blog (I Enjoy Music) and I love her newsletter (The Molly Zone). I Enjoy Music tends to be the home of her more off the cuff, bloggy stuff where The Molly Zone has more interviews. Both are great.

i enjoy music
a blog for people who enjoy music, written by molly mary o’brien, a music enjoyer

No Expectations by Josh Terry

If you live in Chicago, Josh's newsletter is worth reading for the show calendar he includes at the end alone. He's also a fun writer and you can find interviews, advice on writing, round-ups of music– new and old– he's been spending time with, deep dives into discographies, and more! It's great.

No Expectations | josh terry | Substack
A newsletter from writer Josh Terry about music, culture, and sports. Click to read No Expectations, by josh terry, a Substack publication with thousands of subscribers.

Listen Up, Nerds by Jay Papandreas

Jay writes about hardcore and also other stuff. He does weekly round ups and interviews and talks about t-shirts and makes fun of hardcore culture. These are some of the best things a music blog can do, in my opinion. He's smart and funny and it's a delight.

Listen Up, Nerds
Listen Up, Nerds is a Brooklyn-based newsletter about Music written by Jay Papandreas

He also just started a press called Fear Of Life. How cool is that.

Swim Into The Sound

Taylor has curated such a cool, true blog. Everything Swim Into The Sound publishes is fun to read.

Blog — Swim Into The Sound
<p>Words on Music and Life.</p>

No Bells

No Bells is, predominantly, a hip hop blog. But I think they do some of the best end of year stuff (list of lists this year is so good) and I like their real bloggy stuff.

No Bells
notes from the abyss

Rosy Overdrive

RO publishes a lot of good stuff, but their directory is particularly useful and good.

Rosy Overdrive
Forever home for the music

For: Interviews

Anti-Matter by Norman Brannon

You know this one. Great hardcore interviews. One of the best to ever do it.

Anti-Matter | Norman Brannon | Substack
Contemplation and hardcore conversation, delivered straight to your inbox. We believe that hardcore is more than music. Click to read Anti-Matter, by Norman Brannon, a Substack publication with thousands of subscribers.

Former Clarity by David Anthony

Okay so this isn't strictly an interview blog, but nobody interviews better than David. One of my very favorite writers.

Former Clarity by David Anthony
A newsletter about music, life, and finding clarity.