mrtw #4

This week I review a non-alcoholic drink, Bruce Springsteen music videos, friends with roof decks, and more.

mrtw #4

Welcome back to Miranda Reviews The World, your weekly round up of my thoughts on little things I experience in my day to day life. Today I'm reviewing a non-alcoholic beverage from Lagunitas, some Bruce Springsteen music videos, having friends with a roof deck, and one page zines.

I'm starting my beverage now so I will be going in reverse order. Real time bev review.

One Page Zines

You know, from a zine buying perspective I am a fan of the one pager. Usually they're cheap at zine fests where I'm bound to spend way too much money to make the trip to Chicago Zine Fest worth it. They're often fun little mini comics, which is my preferred kind of zine to buy, or little informational things that are always cute and fun.

From a zine making perspective, though, I hate them. Being exact enough so they don't end up wonky drives me nuts. I mess them up repeatedly and it makes me want to die. I've made them often over the years as stand-ins for birthday cards and valentine's day cards and stuff like that, but they make me miserable. Just wanted to vent.

Score (buying): 7.8 / cute!
Score (making): 2.3 / murderous

Having Friends With A Roof Deck

Folks, is there anything better? It was the fourth yesterday so I went over to my friends' house (10.0 people) in South Philly and we just hung out and could see fireworks from up there. There is nowhere I feel more like I have the Major City Resident adult life I pictured when I was 15 living in suburban Chicago.

Unfortunately, these friends are moving which, despite it being for a good reason, is a bummer for my rooftop hang desires.

Score: 9.5 / Philly's full of friendly friends that'll love ya like a brother

Born in the USA music videos

This was a topic suggested to me by Rights to Ricky Sanchez contributor (and definitely nothing else notable), Andrew Unterberger. Thank you Andrew for this topical entry.

Earlier this year in February when I attempted to do the Music Writer Exercise thing trying to listen to a new record everyday, it was a Bruce Springsteen album that made me give up. I hated Nebraska. I cannot explain why I hated it, but I did.

However, recently I've taken an interest in really understanding and enjoying The Boss, as he's called. I have been listening to a lot of The Gaslight Anthem for the first time in a little while and I feel like now is really The Time to get into Bruce if I'm going to. At the risk of a hundred people telling me to listen to their favorite Springsteen song, I have decided to rate these videos while I will potentially enjoy the vibe.

I also love a good music video so let's see. From what I can tell, there are 3 official music videos. If I was wrong about that, sorry.

Born in the USA

Alright. Wearing a jean vest over a leather jacket with the little scarf.. That's a hot guy power move. It's one of those things he can do because he's hot and on stage. Regular people should not attempt.

The little home movie / American vignettes are really cute. Army scenes look a little silly. Bruce's 50's nostalgia working class fan fiction sure does look cool for the most part.

I think this song is, like, a commentary? Kind of? Of the complexity of America and whatever? Maybe that's true.. mostly just a video of him playing though. The vignettes are nice.

Score: 6.9 / more videos should end with a recreation of the cover

Glory Days

Now, I've never really listened to this song before so you're getting some good music writing content where usually there isn't any.

This video has everything. Baseball, a man dressed like Bernard from the Santa Clause, homoeroticism, Bruce with the top 4 buttons undone, a comment section full of the most depressed people you've ever seen in your whole life, at least 10 people on a stage much too small, a zebra striped guitar, a person playing a tamborine with more energy than I think I've ever done anything. It's beautiful. What could be better than that?

Do I like the song? Sure. It has a few too many "WOO-HOO"s for my personal taste, but it's fun. I don't think I have glory days. Maybe hanging out on Jeff and Emily's roof will be my glory days.

Score: 8.7 / just guys making eyes at their bros

Dancing in the Dark

Now this is a song I like, for those of you inclined to care. Reminds me of my mom.

I really like Bruce's shirt here. It's very cool. I'd like to wear this shirt.

I think the real stars of all of these are the E Street Band. I've never seen people looking happier. It's almost offensive to me how happy these people look. Like.. Why do you, as a man, get to be this happy? It's not fair. I've never felt anything close to this.

Hold on now, is that .. Courtney Cox? Confirmed that is Courtney Cox doing an awkward dance with Bruce. Yeesh. Alright.

Score: 4.9 / i am jealous

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher

I like this. It reminds me of my favorite cider from 8.9 cider bar Hale & True. I just like hops, I guess, but not when it's heavy the way a lot of really hoppy beer is. This is just water flavored with hops, though, so it's truly lovely and refreshing.

Score: 8.1 / a nice bev

As a tribute to New Jersey, here are some photos I took in the great town of Asbury Park when I went there to see Chris Gethard perform not too long ago!

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